Functional crystal art is a way to make crystals and minerals into useful objects and furnishings that we can incorporate into our daily lives. This can be as simple as a pair of bookends to hold up one’s books, a vessel to hold one’s keys, or as complex as a lighting feature hardwired into your ceiling, or a colourful petrified wood sink.

Crystalworks has designed many unique lighting products, side tables, coffee tables, and more are in the works. We’ve used various materials such as petrified wood, amethyst and agate slabs, citrine, lemurian quartz, smoky quartz, and aquamarine. One of our favourites is a bench of prehistoric fossil plates (that is surprisingly very comfortable), and a giant ammonite ‘occasional’ table. Crystals and minerals incorporated into functional pieces can add light and natural beauty to any home, business, or office environment.


We feel very fortunate to collaborate with both local and international craftsmen, artists, and sculptors interested in realizing our crystalline visions. Together we are creating not only decorative, but useful, objects that can serve as a reminder of the beauty, majesty, and creativity of our mother earth.


Functional art is suitable for home decor, whether it be modern, eclectic or contemporary. These natural objects lend a unique touch to any space. Crystals and minerals are replete with history, mystery, and lore. Many cultures believe they can bring positive energy to any surrounding, but one doesn’t need to believe in myths or stories to be able to enjoy the supernatural beauty of our planet.

Special requests and inquiries are always welcome. It is our great pleasure to make your crystal dreams come true!