We will be participating in this year’s Art Walk on May 27 & 28, and are excited to be featuring the beautiful paintings of Sheila Neufeld.

The work of acrylic abstract painter, Sheila Neufeld, captures the very essence of her experiences throughout her well-traveled life. She invites her viewer(s) to share in her love of the natural world and entices with her signature use of light, texture, and shimmering effects. Neufeld derives inspiration for her powerful, abstract pieces from her childhood growing up in Saskatchewan. In addition, her travels around the world as well as her spiritual practice have contributed to a deeper connection to her work, allowing for new dimensions and an even greater source of inspiration. (For more information, visit www.sheilaneufeld.com)


Get to Know Sheila Neufeld

What is the medium that you work with?

In my latest series “Creation” I am working with mixed media involving acrylic paints layered with natural crystals. 

How did you first connect with Crystalworks?

I first visited Crystalworks as a customer many years ago as I had heard about them through my friends. I purchased a beautiful Labradorite pendant that I still own and treasure. This was over a decade ago and I have been a happy, loyal customer ever since. 

What is your favourite crystal or mineral?

While I love all crystals and minerals, I am most drawn to the translucent crystals such as Labradorite, Smokey Quartz, Citrine, Moonstone, etc. I love looking into a crystal and seeing another world within it.  

What is an interesting experience you have had while working with crystals?

When I am working with crystals in my art, it is a new experience as they command a lot of power in the work, so I have had to rethink compositions to accommodate the power of the crystals. In my meditation, I find that my moonstone helps deepen my experiences. 

What work do you most enjoy doing?

I enjoy my art when I am joyful and creatively energized. I also enjoy anything that is creative or physical as I like moving around. I can sit for longer periods of time when I am mentally engaged. I am studying Herbalism right now and I am finding it to be very fascinating. 

What inspires you?

Travelling inspires me a lot as I really enjoy taking in the new experiences with people and nature. I also love walking in Pacific Spirit Park near my home. The people I love also inspire me. 

How do you work through creative blocks?

When I feel creatively blocked, I put down my art and go do something else whether it is exercise, meditation or going out to interact with friends. I try to get out of my own head and not get to wound up about it. I am still working on that one. 

What is your favourite piece of art/project that you have created?  

Usually, I keep one out of every series I created that feels special to me in my process. There is a butterfly painting in our bedroom that signified a major transition in my art. It is special to me and my husband as he saw that something had changed in me and my art process when I created that painting. In the Creation series I decided to put the special one up for sale.

Are there any art projects you are working on that you would like to tell us about?

I am playing around with a lot of ideas like tying the Herbalism course into my paintings or focusing more on colour itself with crystals. I am also starting to work with different music frequencies while painting to see how it affects the art. 


You can find Sheila’s collection for the “Creation Series” at Crystalworks from May 27 to May 1st, 2024. 

If you would like to learn more about Sheila and her artwork, you can visit her website here!