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Tessa Rand is a self taught metalsmith who lives on the Sunshine Coast, BC, with her husband and two daughters. She draws inspiration from ancient cultures and the natural world.

Why we Love Working with Tessa Rand

Tessa Rand is a dear friend and talented metalsmith who we dreamed of working with one day. When the opportunity to collaborate arose, we were thrilled. She’s an amazing and generous woman who walks her talk. Every piece of jewelry she creates is a work of art and is imbued with her love and positivity.

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The Resurrection Collection

This collection of wearable art pieces was designed by Tessa Rand in a collaborative effort with Crystalworks Gallery.

Featuring a rainbow of gem scarab amulets, pendants, and rings custom set with accent stones of tourmaline, moonstone, and opal in sterling silver, 24 karat overlay and gold plate. There are four different original band designs, some of which have adjustable sizing.

The Scarab is a symbol of transformation, rebirth and renewal. Scarab carvings have been used for thousands of years as magical amulets, thought to instil good luck, health and hope. One of the most sacred symbols of ancient Egypt, the Scarab represents the journey of the sun across the sky, rising without fail every day of our lives.

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Get to Know Tessa Rand

What is the medium you work with?

I work mostly in silver and gold to create settings for gems and crystals.

How did you first connect with Crystalworks?

I first connected with Crystalworks Gallery through my late mentor Martin Schmieg as well as through mutual friends of Andrea.

What is your favourite type of crystal or mineral?

My favourite type of crystal or mineral would have to be anything copper bearing blue, turquoise, paraiba, chrysocolla, gem silica…but I also love opals a lot.

What’s an interesting experience you’ve had while working with crystals?

My love of natural crystals has made me many friends. I see the stones as sentient beings with ideas about where they want to go and the people they want to connect with.

What work do you most enjoy doing?

I most enjoy making themed collections where I can really explore a concept and tell a story through my work.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by the natural world, ancient cultures, magic, my family, and human connection.

How do you work through creative blocks?

I honestly never experience creative blocks, my problem is too many ideas and not enough time to execute everything I would like to do.

What’s your favourite piece of art/project that you’ve created?

It’s so hard to choose a favourite piece of art/project that I have created, probably almost everything in my Disney Princess Collection are all personal favourites and really close to my heart. I also really love the collaborative scarab Resurrection Collection with Crystalworks Gallery; it’s been amazing to see all the wonderful people in the world that these pieces have found homes with.

Are there any upcoming projects you are working on that you would like to tell us about?

I’m currently working on setting up a new studio that is much bigger and will allow me to teach beginner workshops, which I love to do. I look forward to creating some new themed collections as well. I have the stones and ideas sitting there ready to go, I’m just waiting for the right time.

Tessa’s instagram: @tessarandjewelry

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