We are excited to be participating in this year’s West of Main Art Walk (founded by Artists in Our Midst) on May 27th & 28th, 2023. Crystalworks is the perfect place to start the walk, conveniently located at 1760 West 3rd Avenue near Burrard Street. 

Our gallery will be showcasing the visionary art of Sheila Neufeld. Sheila’s mixed media paintings incorporate many different minerals and crystals, creating works of art that are both rich in colour, texture, and feeling. 

Mixed media photographic based artworks by gallery owner Karen Lipsett will also be featured.

“Artists in Our Midst” is a dynamic group of artists dedicated to bringing public awareness to art created in our community, and to promoting visual art in Vancouver. Our mandate is to promote art education and to provide opportunities for community members to enjoy and enrich their lives with visual art. In 1993 artists on Vancouver’s West Side opened their studios to the public, starting a vital dialogue that has continued for 30 years.

Visit https://www.artistsinourmidst.com/ for more info.


Crystalworks is Pleased to Present Sheila Neufeld’s “Creation Series,” Mixed Media on Panel

Artist Statement:

My love of the mystical and nature is the inspiration for my Creation series. 

I grew up on a one-acre property with a lot of trees and a large garden. I have also travelled extensively and have had the opportunity to see so many different landscapes. I have always loved rocks and throughout the years became more attracted and in tune to the energy of crystals and minerals and now I am an avid collector. I decided to integrate my passions together in my artwork.   

When I create art, I am drawn to colours, compositions, light and feeling and my process is intuitive as I create layer by layer with acrylic paints, gloss mediums, iridescent pigments and textures. I inlay my art with raw gemstones, natural crystals and their sands throughout the layers of the artwork to create a luminous, multidimensional effect. The depth created through this process to me is a mirror of the complexity and mystery of life itself.

When I create art using the crystals, I can feel the energy of the crystals and using them has added a new dimension to my work. I strive to balance the bold and the subtle in these art pieces. 

I know a painting is complete when the technical aspects balance with the energy and feeling I want to convey. It brings me joy when I can reflect the expansive nature of creation with my paintbrush.


For more information about Sheila, you can find our Artist Feature of her here or visit her at www.sheilaneufeld.com