Emerald Grid Set with hand for scale    Aquamarine Grid Set in glass bottle

Welcome to the Crystalworks World of Grids

We are delighted to introduce our Earth Grid Sets. Many of us at Crystalworks use gridding in our lives, occasionally creating grids at the gallery in our spare time. When we moved into the new gallery space 18 years ago we used various crystals to grid and cleanse the space. 

If you are wanting to grid your space, we specialize in gridding new properties. Contact us for more information!

We were all inspired to put together these Earth Grid Sets as a way to deepen our connection with the Earth and assist in manifestation! But in reality, these grid sets could be used for whatever purpose you desire! The magic of grids is endless.

What is a grid?

A grid is a structure of lines, a particular arrangement, and a formula for design. Its “invention” dates back to the 5th century, and as it caught on… The world started using grid systems for everything; from art and architecture, to office work and finance. 

Read more about grids and their importance here: https://creativepinellas.org/magazine/grids-in-nature-design-and-generative-art/

The Crystalworks Earth Grid Sets

Our Earth grid was created as a tool to assist in the creative process of manifestation. 

The centre of the grid contains the sacred geometry of the Seed of Life which can be used to focus, accelerate, and amplify intention.

Suggested Practice:

-Begin with feeling gratitude for the beauty of our infinitely creative planet.

-Place the grid in a spot that is meaningful to you.

-To activate the geometry of the grid, use your finger to trace the golden lines of the Seed of Life in a clockwise direction beginning at the centre. 

-Place your stones in and around the grid while holding the intention of what you would like to create and/or manifest in your mind. 

-If you feel inclined, you can speak your intention out loud and/or write it down on a piece of paper and place it under the grid.

We recommend using your intuition first and foremost as you work with your grid. This is the cornerstone of good practice. It is your intention that will empower the stones. Most of all, have fun! 

What’s Included:

-One Earth grid coaster, designed and created by us at Crystalworks.

-12 crystals for grid arrangement (Includes either a bottle or bag for transport)

-A Crystalworks Branded folder with a Suggested Practice grid guidelines card.


These sets were created in limited quantities of 10.

So far, we have:

Apatite, Aquamarine, Beta Quartz, Emerald, Goshenite, Morganite, Petalite, Pyrite, Sugilite, Tanzanite, and Green Tourmaline. 

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