Welcome to the Crystalworks World of Energy Pairings

We are thrilled to present our very own “Dynamic Duos”! Birthed from a desire to create a unique tool that enhances personal growth and meditation, this is a project that has been years in the making, and we are so excited to finally share it with you.

Each Dynamic Duo set contains two crystal lenses that have been specifically chosen for their resonance, such as black tourmaline and red jasper for their grounding and empowering qualities. Lenses are a special shape because they focus and amplify energy, making them the perfect tool for creative manifestation and/or meditation. 


Research and Development

Through our research and development, we found that when certain lenses were paired together, they embodied a myriad of effects that were beyond anything we have studied. We continue to be fascinated and delighted by what the stones are here to teach us. We are always experimenting with new energy pairings, and more will become available as we continue our research.

Our process is based on the scientific double-blind research and inquiry method of Melody, the renowned author of the Love is in the Earth series. Twelve people from the age of 22 to 83 participated in these studies, with each ranging from novice to fully trained crystalologist. 


What’s Included

All crystal lenses in these sets have been created specifically for Crystalworks in a fair-trade workshop in Madagascar. We have been working with this workshop for decades, and they are like family to us. This is as close as it gets when it comes to fair-trade, consciously sourced, and ethically mined crystals. 

Each set comes in a specially made felt pouch made exclusively by and for Crystalworks. We knew that when it was time to share these tools with the world, they needed to have a fabulous pouch to live in. The felt was sourced from a woman’s collective in Nepal, and the fabric and colours turned out to be even more beautiful than we could have hoped for. We then had them hand-made here in Vancouver by women in our local community. Each pouch is unique and a true testament to what it means to support small, independent businesses. 

Each set also includes a booklet with information about the sets, how to use them, and the properties of each mineral.  



Each energy pairing has a specific focus, and our first three sets include:

-The Holy Ground Set, which includes a Black Tourmaline and Red Jasper lens


-The Solar Power Set, which includes a Carnelian and Golden Healer lens


-The Heart Space Set, which includes a Rose Quartz and Unicorn Stone lens


Coming soon:

-Amazonite & Labradorite

-Anhydrite & Lepidolite

-Green Opal & Brown Opal

-…and more!


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