How the Teacups Were Born

These magical cups were born of a desire to create a ceremonial piece worthy of honouring the ancient tradition of gemstone carving, while also creating a usable offering cup adorned with symbols for manifestation. 

The original inspiration for the Moon Phase Teacups was a tea set titled “Mindfulness in a Cup,” by Luis Alberto. Crystalworks was extremely honoured to be able to purchase the set and find its new home. One thing we recognized was the need to create individual cups so that more people could have access to this artistry. After a long deliberation and design consultation, the idea for the Moon Phase Teacup was born. This series was created by Luis Alberto and co-designed by the Crystalworks Gallery. We are incredibly grateful to Luis Alberto for allowing this collaboration and seeing the potential to create an object with metaphysical intent. 

The Materials and Intent Behind the Teacups

All of the stones used in our Moon Phase Teacups are safe for use. Depending on the material, some of the Teacups can be used with warm liquids, while others are sensitive to heat and are suitable for liquids only at room temperature. Each one is handcrafted with love at Luis Alberto’s L’Aquart workshop in Lima, Peru.

The handles are decorated with the phases of the moon and set with a white moonstone cabochon. Moonstone has long been thought to encourage intuition, to instil inner awareness, and to trust in a deeper knowing. The moon’s influence is a subtle yet powerful physical force. Our own ability to harness these energies is enhanced through intention and awareness. This Teacup can be used in ceremonies to focus one’s intent for creative manifestation.

The Teacups have been carved in rose quartz, jade, labradorite/spectrolite, ruby and zoisite, clear quartz, chalcedony, rutilated quartz, and ametrine (amethyst with citrine).

Due to the infinite creativity of mother nature’s gems, every cup is unique.

The Symbolism Used in This Design

-The Triple Goddess (waxing moon, full moon, waning moon) depicts the Divine Feminine, the cosmic mother for all of creation.

-The base depicts symbols of all four elements: earth, fire, water, and air. These elements represent key spiritual essences, which bring illumination and meaning to life.

-The spiral in each elemental symbol unites the creative forces.

-The Eight Point Star is rich in symbolism appearing in ancient cultures around the world. Interpretations include: alchemical processes, the eight fold path of Buddhism, the Star of Ishtar and Venus.

Important Note

These Teacups are made in very limited quantities, usually only 10 – 12 at a time. They are an exclusive design, and are only available through Crystalworks Designs Ltd. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.



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