Artist Collective

Crystalworks collaborative works began in the 1980s when we first started working with Canadian gemstone carver Thomas R. McPhee. We had a vision of using his extraordinary realistic carving skills to merge the finest Arkansas quartz with emerging forms that suited the crystal.

For the past four decades, we have worked collectively with sculptors, metalsmiths, and gemstone carvers to create unique and beautiful works of art. These pieces celebrate the beauty of the mineral kingdom and showcase the varied talents of these local and international artists.

Here in our Artist Collective, you will find the artists whom we have built long-lasting partnerships with.

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Sheila Neufeld

Sheila’s mixed media paintings incorporate many different minerals and crystals, creating works of art that are both rich in colour, texture, and feeling.

The work of acrylic abstract painter, Sheila Neufeld, captures the very essence of her experiences throughout her well-traveled life. She invites her viewer(s) to share in her love of the natural world and entices with her signature use of light, texture, and shimmering effects. Neufeld derives inspiration for her powerful, abstract pieces from her childhood growing up in Saskatchewan. In addition, her travels around the world as well as her spiritual practice have contributed to a deeper connection to her work, allowing for new dimensions and an even greater source of inspiration.

Tessa Rand

Tessa Rand is a self taught metalsmith who lives on the Sunshine Coast, BC, with her husband and two daughters. She draws inspiration from ancient cultures and the natural world.

Tessa Rand is a dear friend and talented metalsmith who we dreamed of working with one day. When the opportunity to collaborate arose, we were thrilled. She’s an amazing and generous woman who walks her talk. Every piece of jewelry she creates is a work of art and is imbued with her love and positivity.

Milton Bennett

Milton Bennett is a talented jeweller, creator, painter, and musician from Detroit, Michigan.

We have been collaborating with Milton since 2020. Every piece he creates is completely unique and many of his pieces are available through Crystalworks Gallery. You can also find more of his work on his instagram.