Milton Bennett is a talented jeweller, creator, painter, and musician from Detroit, Michigan. 

We have been collaborating with Milton since 2020. Every piece he creates is completely unique and many of his pieces are available through Crystalworks. 

Why We Love Working with Milton Bennett

Milton is a joy to work with as he treats every stone we send him with reverence and respect. His seemingly endless creativity and vast smithing skill set allows him to produce complex creations that exemplify the term “wearable art.” 

Our Collection with Milton

Our featured collection of Milton’s work includes jewellery set with druzy cabochons and natural gem crystals. They have a characteristically unique style with elaborate settings and contain multiple stones. Milton has also created several pendants featuring skulls, natural crystals, and special cabochons combined to make wearable art pieces. 

Get to Know Milton Bennett


What is the medium you work with?

I work in many different mediums, such as metals, gemstones, found objects, drawing, painting, and music to name a few.


How did you first connect with Crystalworks?

I hooked up with Crystalworks a few years ago via instagram when they commissioned me for the gallery.


What work do you most enjoy doing?

I’ve enjoyed creating pendants and rings. I’m totally in love with all the mediums I work with, especially music, which is probably my favourite.


What inspires you?

I’m primarily inspired by nature, Native Americans, and of course a myriad of singers & musicians. I enjoy all things creative. 


How do you work through creative blocks?

When I’m uninspired, I know the Universe is telling me it’s time to rest…to slow down. 


Are there any upcoming projects you are working on that you would like to tell us about?

I’m looking forward to some upcoming musical performances.


What’s your favourite quote?

It’s all good” is my favourite quote of the day because in the end it’s all good…even through the most detrimental occurrences.


Milton’s instagram:  @milton4176


You can find our exclusive collection with Milton Bennett here: