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Cut rose quartz crystal with an aquamarine crystal and fuchsite included quartz point, set in Sterling Silver by Milton Bennett.

Rose Quartz; Taurus & Libra; Vibrates to #7. Self-love, rid negativity from chakras, mind restoration post chaos/crisis, gentle love, relationship peace, emotional/physical rejuvenation, yin/yang, disorders of vertigo, burns, emotional wounds, adrenals, heart, thymus, lungs.

Aquamarine; Gemini, Pisces, & Aries; Vibrates to #1. Beryl, “stone of courage”, “always be prepared”, battle protection, orderliness, tolerance, service, rapid intellect, protection from pollution, disorders of glands, vision, teeth, bones.

Fuchsite; Aquarius, Vibrates to #9. Mica, Muscovite, maintain physical health, adapting, dispersing, pets, career, “bounce back”, rid servitude, law enforcement, holistic medicine, increase energy transfer, disorders blood cell count, Tarsal/Carpal Tunnel, spine, muscles.

– MELODY, Love Is In The Earth, Passport to Crystals, The Little Book.

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Out of stock