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Incredibly sparkly and completely perfect cluster of double terminated rainbow filled crystals.

Quartz-General; Astrology-All; Vibrates to #4. #3, & #1. Animal/plant/mineral/other realm communication, pyroelectric, Mu/Og/Zu/Atlantis/Lemuria (rejuvenation use/power), amplify energy, thoughts to sound, precious substance of Buddhism, breastplate, diagnostic healing, recognize disease origin, destroy black magic, render negativity impotent.

– MELODY, Love Is In The Earth, Passport to Crystals, The Little Book.

Objects in photos may appear different in actual colour and detail. If a small black cube is in the photo, it measures 1cm square, for scale reference. These objects were photographed with studio lighting and adjusted to match the items visual appearance as closely as possible. However we can’t control how they appear on your monitor or mobile device.

In stock

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Weight 0.195 kg
Dimensions 6.9 × 7.6 × 12 cm

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