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Feel the love with our Turkish Heart Set. Six hand carved and polished crystal hearts. This set also includes a linen travel bag, and our branded folder with information cards about the crystals.

Black Obsidian: This volcanic material from Mount Ararat was cooled at an extremely slow rate, making it much harder and heavier than most of the obsidians found around the world. It is a deeply protective and grounding stone which can be used to empower and stimulate the lower centres. It is highly sensitive to moods and should be used with carefully applied intention. It can assist in remaining rooted and centred when one is feeling distracted. Ancient peoples created art objects, scrapers, and even surgical tools from this unique material more than 10,000 years ago.

Dendritic Agate & Opal: Helpful in finding the light within darkness, this stone is useful for finding ways to evolve in difficult situations. It can help one dig deep, find roots to grow, and spread out into uncharted territory. It can also be beneficial in dealing with addictions and fear of letting go. It gently assists in finding joy and new growth within adversity.

Silicated Serpentine & Pyrite: This unique stone was hand collected close to Izmir, Turkey. Only a small quantity of this material was found, and is grounding, protective, and shielding. It can awaken dormant kundalini energy and align the chakras.

Unicorn Jade: We were fortunate to be the first to work with this special combination of pink and purple jade in 2018. In light of how rare and unique this mineral is, we decided to call it “Unicorn Jade.” Its energetic properties were first experienced by Crystalworks co-owner Karen Lipsett. Activating to the heart and crown centers, this mineral can help enhance intuition and assist in creating pathways to discover one’s true heart’s desires. A good stone for spiritually inclined individuals looking for direction.

Purple Jade: This royal stone has been popular with kings, queens, and gods alike. It can enhance perception, expressiveness, and intelligence. One’s chosen life path can be made clear and feel as though it is blessed with a steady flow of divine inspiration. It is excellent for stimulating and cleansing the crown chakra.

Blue Dolomite & Calcite: This stone brings a deep sense of calm, relaxing and soothing the third eye and throat chakras. Each mineral brings through different energetic qualities. The white calcite cleanses, clears, and heightens mental discernment. The blue dolomite smooths tension and calms nerves. Together, they work in concert to create an overall feeling of wellbeing in body, mind, and spirit.

Due to the infinitely creative nature of our Earth, every crystal is slightly different. Please note the weight and dimensions are combined for shipping purposes. Each heart weighs 25-60 grams and measures 2 inches in length.

Objects in photos may appear different in actual colour and detail. If a small black cube is in the photo, it measures 1cm square, for scale reference. These objects were photographed with studio lighting and adjusted to match the items visual appearance as closely as possible. However we can’t control how they appear on your monitor or mobile device.

In stock