Glowing golden orange calcite spheres from China. These richly coloured spheres sparkle in the light and change colour and pattern depending on how they are turned. Perspective is everything, isn’t it?

“Calcite-Golden Ray; Cancer & Leo; Vibrates to #1. Self/others-oneness, never needs charging, unify with others, enlightenment, attraction, intellect, communal cohesion, self limitations, divination, remove negativity, energy blocks, disorders of liver, infection, nerves, gall, endocrine, circulation.”

– MELODY, Love Is In The Earth, Passport to Crystals, The Little Book.

Objects in photos may appear different in actual colour and detail. If a small black cube is in the photo, it measures 1cm square, for scale reference. These objects were photographed with studio lighting and adjusted to match the items visual appearance as closely as possible. However we can’t control how they appear on your monitor or mobile device.