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These light sculptures were designed in collaboration with Crystalworks Gallery and a fair-trade workshop in Turkey. This mineral is found in a remote and at an extremely high altitude location which is under snow most of the year. In fact the mining season is only 4 months long. This is not a tungsten mineral as the name would lead you to believe but was originally mislabeled by accident. Tested to reveal its true chemical makeup, this unique stone is composed of calcite and dolomite coloured by iron which takes turns tinting both minerals blue. 

These lightboxes were created in Turkish wood and feature a cut and polished Blue Sheelite plate and removable crystal sphere. Plate size: 20 x 9.5 x 1 cm

Refined and wired locally in Vancouver by Dale Ramsey. The cord’s are 125cm long, USB compatible and come with a standard wall plug.

These lamps give off a luminous glow, suitable for bedside or nightlights.

Objects in photos may appear different in actual colour and detail. If a small black cube is in the photo, it measures 1cm square, for scale reference. These objects were photographed with studio lighting and adjusted to match the items visual appearance as closely as possible. However we can’t control how they appear on your monitor or mobile device.

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Dimensions 13.6 × 13.6 × 38 cm

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