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These sets have been put together with the intention to bring awareness to our interconnectedness. It is our hope that these “Crystals Without Borders” inspire a sense of global citizenship.

The set includes 6 amethysts from around the world, an official Crystalworks folder with information cards, and grid guidelines.

Due to the infinitely creative nature of our Earth, every crystal is slightly different. Each crystal weighs approximately 20-40g and is 1-2 inches. Please note the plexiglass stand is for display only.

Brazil: These crystals formed in a geode-type cluster. The shape is often referred to as dog tooth or dragon tooth Crystal.

Madagascar: These amethysts are quite rare and are some of the oldest crystals in the world. This rather amorphous multi- terminated shape is known as an elestial crystal.

Peru: This quartz appears amethyst in colour due to an inclusion of lepidocrocite (or hematite) crystals in the tip. Only a small pocket of these crystals has ever been found.

Mexico: Veracruz amethyst is known for its dainty clusters of pale lavender points attached together with no matrix.

Canada (Thunder Bay): Red hematite inclusions in deep purple amethyst creates these intense coloured crystals.

Morocco: These crystals show a gradient from clear to saturated purple at the tip. Most of the crystals from this locale are double-terminated or self-healed.

Amethyst; Pisces, Virgo, Aquarius & Capricorn; Vibrates to #3. Spirituality, contentment, “stone of meditation”, breastplate, psychic protection, common sense, business prosperity, composure, sobriety, insomnia, nervous system, headaches.

– MELODY, Love Is In The Earth, Passport to Crystals, The Little Book.


Objects in photos may appear different in actual colour and detail. If a small black cube is in the photo, it measures 1cm square, for scale reference. These objects were photographed with studio lighting and adjusted to match the items visual appearance as closely as possible. However we can’t control how they appear on your monitor or mobile device.

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