Sometimes it’s as if stones call our name. There will be a moment when our eyes land on a certain piece and something clicks. It’s as if we’ve been reunited with a long lost love on some level. There’s usually an energetic resonance that makes you feel like yes, this is meant for me. It’s amazing how this can happen through a photograph as well as in person.

When selecting the right stone it is important to trust your intuition. Each person will be drawn to different stones for different reasons. Some people prefer clear crystals, while others will appreciate inclusions and rainbows. Perhaps it is the shape that draws you or the way the light reflects inside. It may be that the stone fits just right in your hand and feels comfortable there, or it may be that the little crystal that comes out the side reminds you of your baby or sibling. Some people are attracted to cathedral crystals with many terminations while others prefer long single pointed wands. 

The most important thing is that you like the crystal. There is no sense in selecting a stone you are not attracted to because you are much less likely to want to pick it up and work with it. Take time in selecting your crystal and if it speaks to you right away don’t dismiss it; often the first crystal a person will pick up is the one that is meant for them.

Double lens of blue labradorite
Amethyst point outside

There is no rule to how many crystals you can own. Some people have a crystal for help in their work or for protection, while others will have only one stone that serves many purposes. Each person will have at least one ‘life crystal’. This is a stone that most commonly looks in some way like the person that owns it. This stone can be used for personal work including meditation, dream enhancement, or it can be used simply as a personal totem. Personal totem crystals can be placed on an altar with other sacred objects or wrapped in a special pouch and carried on a person. 

Selecting the right stone for another person can be tricky. Again, the most important thing to remember is to trust your intuition. Think about the person that you are buying the crystal for, and whether they would carry it or wear it on their person. If they are more visually oriented, then a cluster or something decorative might be appropriate. If it is a wedding gift then we often suggest twin crystals, which are two individual crystals that have joined together in their formation. They are quite rare and so make extra special gifts. If the person you are buying the gift for likes tactile things, then a smoother crystal that fits in the hand would be a nice option. Giving and receiving crystals as gifts is always an enjoyable experience. Just like a snowflake, you can be assured that no one will get the same one twice.