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These magical moon phase teacups were created by Luis Alberto and co-designed by the Crystalworks Gallery. Each has a gold plated cast bronze handle and base. The handles are adorned with the phases of the moon and set with a pure white moonstone cabochon. The base depicts symbols of all four elements: earth, fire, water, and air. Each gemstone teacup is handcrafted with love at Luis Alberto’s L’aquart workshop in Lima, Peru.  Due to the infinite creativity of Mother Nature’s gems, every cup is unique.

All of the stones in our moon phase teacups are safe for use. Depending on the material, some of the teacups can be used with warm liquids, while others are sensitive to heat and are suitable for liquids only at room temperature.  

Moonstone has long been thought to encourage intuition; instilling inner awareness and trust in a deeper knowing. The moon’s influence is a subtle yet powerful physical force. Our own ability to harness these energies is enhanced through intention and awareness. This teacup can be used in ceremonies to focus one’s intent for creative manifestation.

Some notes on the symbolism used in this design:

  • The Triple Goddess (waxing moon, full moon, waning moon) depicts the Divine Feminine, the cosmic mother for all of creation.
  • The Four Elements represent key spiritual essences, which bring illumination and meaning to life.
  • The spiral in each elemental symbol unites the creative forces.
  • The Eight Point Star is rich in symbolism appearing in ancient cultures around the world.
    Interpretations include: alchemical processes, the eight fold path of Buddhism, the Star of Ishtar and Venus.

If you are interested in acquiring a teacup but the one you want has sold, please let us know. We are accepting pre-orders for the next round, which will require a 50% deposit. Please email us at if you would like to make an order.




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