Greetings Crystalworks community! And happy late spring!

Over here at the gallery we are busy getting ready for our very exciting upcoming “Laying on of Stones” level 1 & 2 workshops led by gallery owners Andrea and Karen Lipsett. And since we are so very excited about these workshops, we decided that it’s a perfect time to share some interesting information about two of our favourite quartz formations. The following unique crystals play significant roles in the tool kit of a certified Laying on of Stones practitioner.

Faden Quartz

Faden, German for “thread” is a quartz crystal formation found usually in tabular form with one or more white “thread-like” fibrous inclusions that run through the crystal. The inclusion is highly visible because it is usually contained within a fluid filled or gaseous filled chamber.
In the Laying on of Stones workshop, the Faden crystal is used to strengthen the connection between people. It allows one to delve further into the inner self by supporting introspection and self actualization.

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