Hello dear friends of Crystalworks,

Welcome Spring!!!

In celebration of this most magical uplifting time of year we have decided to celebrate the very special and beautiful formation known as “spirit quartz”.

Spirit quartz, also known as “cactus quartz”, is formation in which a quartz point is surrounded by a layer of tiny crystals which tend to grow below the termination of the cental crystal.The formation occurs in several different colours of quarzt; amethyst, citrine and clear.

Originally, Spirit quartz was mined in Boekenhout, South Africa  and excavated by women on the tribal land of the Kwa Ndebele Mphumalanga. (please dont ask us to pronounce that).  However currently in addition to South Africa, Spirit quartz has also been found in Peru, Brazil, China, the USA and Madagascar yet the majority of it still comes from those tribal lands in South Africa.

This year  on our recent buying trip we found some very special Spirit quartz from Boekenhout that is coated with Goethite!!!  The coated Goethite crystals are so irredescent that it bares resemblance to electroplated Aqua Aura  quartz, however, in this case the iridescent flashes were compleately made in Nature!!!

Goethite is a highly metaphysical mineral with many good attributes it is  known to stimulate clairaudient, clairsentient and clairvoyant abilities and in combination with the existing metaphysical properties of spirit quartz these crystals are potent and powerful tools.

In addition to the wonderful abundance the Spirit Quartz we came across on this years buying trip we are also still unpacking so much new treasure!!! So come and celebrate spring with us and and bask in the beauty we are so very happy to be able to share with all of you in the Crystalworks Gallery!

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