February/March 2015 Newsletter: Multifaceted Fluorite

//February/March 2015 Newsletter: Multifaceted Fluorite

February/March 2015 Newsletter: Multifaceted Fluorite

Hi there!

It’s hard to believe that March is almost here. Spring has come early and most of the cherry blossoms in the city are blooming! If you haven’t visited in awhile, it’s worth the trip to see the flowers and breathe in their heavenly scent.

We have also returned from our biggest buying trip of the year and have so many fabulous new treasures. From the most amazing beads, to magnificent specimens of Brazilian quartz and mid-range designer pieces.


Crystal of the month: Fluorite!

Fluorite is a multi-faceted mineral. As implied by its name, fluorite is the component of your toothpaste that is protective for your teeth. In toothpaste and the water supply it is known as Fluoride.

Fluorite is used in the production of hydrofluoric acid which is vital in many industries, and as a flux in the metal industry. Industrially it is used as a refrigerant; when it is compressed by a compressor like the one in your fridge (the thing that breaks down), the gas becomes very cold. Remember Teflon?? Well the “fl” in Teflon is for fluorite, and it is what adds to the slippery coat. Teeth, cookware, refrigerant, acid and flux!! …a more diverse mineral you could not ask for.

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