Summer has arrived here in Vancouver, and to celebrate we are featuring a powerful crystal called pyrite. This brilliant stone celebrates the energy of the sun like no other. If you are looking for a unique and practical crystal to add to your collection (or just keep in your pocket), pyrite comes very highly recommended. See below for more information about this fascinating stone.

Also in this newsletter, we will be sharing more details about the highly anticipated fall workshops with Melody of the “Love is in the Earth” book series.

Crystal of the Month: Pyrite

This stone embraces many of the qualities we associate with the sun, including creativity, optimism, strength, vitality, and enhanced will power. It falls under the zodiacal sign of Leo, and the planet Mars. It is a highly protective stone and helps to shield the user from undesirable energy. Emotional well-being and intellectual pursuits are also enhanced as it breaks down illusions and helps one see the truth behind facades.

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