We offer the following Gallery Services:


We have over 30 years experience shipping and specialize in moving fragile items.
– packing and shipping crystals all over the world
– providing insurance for shipping
– designing custom crates

Crystal and Mineral Sourcing

We excel at finding unique and rare stones for personal use and special occasions.
– sourcing gem stones for special occasion jewellery
– designing functional art for home and office décor
– locating rare crystals and minerals for collectors
– providing architectural installations, such as tiles and fountains


We provide appraisals for insurance purposes, and travel internationally to assess gem carvings.
– appraisals for jewellery, gem carvings, and minerals
– crystal and mineral identification


We rent our fine crystals and minerals for events.
– movies and television shows as props and set decoration
– providing unique décor for special occasions
– home staging

We offer the following Custom Design Services:


Our custom jewellery is designed in house and made locally by talented silver and goldsmiths.
– ring design, including wedding, engagement, and signet rings
– custom beadwork: necklaces, and bracelets, earrings and malas
– reworking of old jewellery into new pieces

Gem Carvings

We work with several different world-class gem carvers whose talents include sacred imagery, such as Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, and Celtic iconography.
– personally commissioned carvings and jewellery pieces


We have our own in-house lapidary artist who creates custom shapes and forms.
– custom cabochons, gemstone vessels
– repairs to any size crystal or mineral specimen

Custom stands

We work with several local artists and sculptors to design and manufacture custom stands, bases and pedestals for any size crystal or mineral.
– some can incorporate lights or be built into tables.