February 2016 Newsletter

//February 2016 Newsletter

February 2016 Newsletter

So here we are entering the second month of this new year.  Ahhh February, I wouldn’t call it the most visually stunning month as far as the outdoors are concerned, but perhaps that is all more the reason to enjoy the constructed “Hallmark” holiday we all know and love, Valentine’s Day. At Crystalworks, we feel as though Valentine’s Day is more than just a holiday for those in relationships, it’s an opportunity to celebrate love in all its incarnations! The love of self, unconditional love, friendship love, familial love, the love of an animal companion, and many more. While we’re at it why should we confine this celebration to one day when we can dedicate this whole month to LOVE! So all of February we are offering 25% OFF ALL HEART SHAPED MINERALS!! No matter what size or colour as long as it’s a heart we would love to share a discount with you! Just our way of spreading some love!!!!

Stone of the Month (More like Stones!):

This month we have selected a collection of minerals which are associated with love. Much like how Sanskrit has 96 words for love, there are countless types of minerals which have metaphysical attributes relating to different variations of love. However to keep this newsletter from turning into a book we have selected 10 different minerals to share…

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