Crystalworks has been featured in the Westender as Vancouver’s premier destination for crystals:

A home is a sanctuary – a sacred space to unwind your mind and recharge your body. It is therefore fundamental to consider what impact the design of your space will have on your personal wellbeing.

After visiting the first annual Vancouver Gem & Mineral Show this past weekend, I began to think about how decorating with natural stones and crystals (one of my most favourite design go-tos) can actually offer wellness benefits within the home in addition to a stunning aesthetic. 

Seeking further insight into the mindful design behind balance and beauty, I had the pleasure of touring the incredible mineral collection at Crystalworks Gallery in Kitsilano. Crystalworks is Vancouver’s premier destination for crystals, and a locally-owned family business that is internationally renowned for maintaining only the highest standards in quality, ethically-mined minerals for over 25 years.

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