Crystalworks Spring 2018 Newsletter

//Crystalworks Spring 2018 Newsletter

Crystalworks Spring 2018 Newsletter


Greetings Crystalworks community!

Spring has finally sprung and the flowers are starting to appear!

Druzy stones are the topic of the month.


Sometimes “Druzy” is written as druse or drusy. It is a coating of sparkling, fine crystals on a rock face. Druzy can grow over just about any stone matrix. Druzy stones also form with minerals such as calcite, dolomite and garnet. Druzy can be found in any location where there is a place for water to collect and evaporate on the rocks. It most often forms along shorelines and riverbeds. A druzy coating of crystals resembles glittering snow or sugar.

The metaphysical energy of druzy is the same as the material it is made of and is similar to that of crystal clusters. Folks have used druzy quartz for facilitating group spiritual work and meditations. Further, druzy quartz is known to promote creativity and relaxation. One can use druzy to charge and enhance the energy of other stones. We are starting to see the cherry blossoms just starting to bud on the trees that line the gallery’s street outside. Happy Spring from the folks at Crystalworks!

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