March 2016 Newsletter

Hello dear friends of Crystalworks, Welcome Spring!!! In celebration of this most magical uplifting time of year we have decided to celebrate the very special and beautiful formation known as "spirit quartz". Spirit quartz, also known as "cactus quartz", is formation in which a quartz point is surrounded by a layer of tiny crystals which tend [...]

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November 2015 Newsletter: Amber and Upcoming Events

While contemplating what mineral best captured the essence of November, we were inspired by the colours of fall…  warm tones of Amber, gold, brown and red falling from the trees and decorating the ground. Naturally the “mineral” we decided upon for this month was Amber. Amber, However is actually not  a mineral and is not [...]

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April 2015 Newsletter: Specialty Quartz and Selecting the Right Stone

The cherry blossoms are in their full magnificent glory outside the gallery right now.  The sky is blue and the birds are singing their sweet songs.  Needless to say, it's an ideal time to come and visit! Crystal of the Month – Included Quartz! Amazing rutile bridge between quartz crystals Quartz is one [...]

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February/March 2015 Newsletter: Multifaceted Fluorite

Hi there! It's hard to believe that March is almost here. Spring has come early and most of the cherry blossoms in the city are blooming! If you haven't visited in awhile, it's worth the trip to see the flowers and breathe in their heavenly scent. We have also returned from our biggest buying trip [...]

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