April 2015 Newsletter: Specialty Quartz and Selecting the Right Stone

//April 2015 Newsletter: Specialty Quartz and Selecting the Right Stone

April 2015 Newsletter: Specialty Quartz and Selecting the Right Stone

The cherry blossoms are in their full magnificent glory outside the gallery right now.  The sky is blue and the birds are singing their sweet songs.  Needless to say, it’s an ideal time to come and visit!

Crystal of the Month – Included Quartz!


Amazing rutile bridge between quartz crystals

Quartz is one of the most abundant materials on the earth, and while it comes in many forms, shapes and colours, one of our favorites is included quartz. Included quartz occurs when a mineral or material becomes trapped within quartz, likely occurring at some point during the crystals formation. Common inclusions, and I should clarify that inclusions in quartz are NOT common, include: tourmaline, rutile, chlorite, pyrite and hematite, to mention a few.

Often people come in to ask if the metaphysical properties of stones are “real”, one way that we can address that question is to point out the distinct similarities between the scientifically valued and proven piezoelectric properties of Quartz and the main metaphysical attributes valued in quartz. Piezoelectricity is defined as the ability of certain materials to convert vibration or pressure into electricity and/or convert electricity into vibration, thus as used in a watch quartz is “programmed” with a certain vibration which then converts into a current which keeps the time of the clock. The metaphysical properties generally associated with quartz include amplification, focus, storage, transfer and transformation of energy, all of which are also the valued results of piezoelectric effect. What does this have to do with included quartz? When you have another mineral within quartz, it magnifies and focuses the energy of that mineral within.

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