Karen Lipsett-Kidd

An avid rock hound and eagle eye, Karen’s passion for crystals has rocked her entire family (literally). One of the primary business partners, Karen’s main role in Crystalworks is as artistic director and buyer.





Susan Lipsett

The matriarch of the family, and also primary business partner. Her love of Nature and her family is the corner stone of this business.





Andrea Lipsett

A crystal and mineral enthusiast, she specializes in rare inclusions in quartz and is a valued partner in the gallery. She makes sure the gallery runs smoothly and that every project started, gets completed.






A lover of all things sparkly, she was brought into the world of Crystalworks through a series of dreams and synchronicities. She loves exploring the metaphysical uses of stones, and helping people connect with special crystals.






Abbie is our professional greeting labradoodle. She is soft and woolly and has done everything she can think of to overcome her inherent shyness.





Charlie P-Bear

Charlie is our newest staff member. He is a Coton de Tulear puppy who is full of life. He keeps us entertained all day long with his puppy antics. Good at sitting, barking, and being adorable.






While Boo is no longer with us he is still here in spirit. For all the time with us, he never broke anything with his wagging tail and was loved by all. His intuitive and loving presence made him everyone’s favorite Crystalworks and family member.