August 2015

Designer Files: Crystals to Make Your Room Sparkle
By Jennifer Scott, The Westender

“A home is a sanctuary – a sacred space to unwind your mind and recharge your body. It is therefore fundamental to consider what impact the design of your space will have on your personal wellbeing.

After visiting the first annual Vancouver Gem & Mineral Show this past weekend, I began to think about how decorating with natural stones and crystals (one of my most favourite design go-tos) can actually offer wellness benefits within the home in addition to a stunning aesthetic. 

Seeking further insight into the mindful design behind balance and beauty, I had the pleasure of touring the incredible mineral collection at Crystalworks Gallery in Kitsilano. Crystalworks is Vancouver’s premier destination for crystals, and a locally-owned family business that is internationally renowned for maintaining only the highest standards in quality, ethically-mined minerals for over 25 years.”

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May 2015

Rock Stars – Decorating With Minerals and Gemstones
By Laura Goldstein, Mashu Mashu Magazine

“Crystalworks collaborates with collectors from all over the world. Their museum-quality gemstones and minerals are bought as sculpture for lobbies, foyers and alcoves; as tabletops or converted into light-based crystal sculptures. Fossils can be embedded into fireplace surrounds or as kitchen tiles. Most fossils and crystals at the Gallery are over 100 million years old!

” We work closely with local and international jewellers, gem carvers and designers, providing them with select gemstones and crystals and co-designing pieces to create the jewellery, objet d’art and high quality gem carvings that are unique to the Gallery,” says Lipsett-Kidd.  Crystalworks also supports cottage industries and fair trade companies in Bali, Peru, Madagascar, Indonesia and India.”

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November 2014

A Precious New Trend Sees Gems and Minerals Shining Brightly in Homes
By Laura Goldstein, Globe and Mail

“People walk in and gasp,” says Karen Lipsett-Kidd, who owns and runs Crystalworks Gallery in Vancouver with her mother and sister. “It’s awe-inspiring to see huge pieces of sliced amethyst, petrified wood and fossils that are millions of years old. They show the beauty of nature in an age where almost everything can be altered and deemed impermanent,” she says. It’s hard not to feel like an overwhelmed kid in a candy store when peering into 500-pound twin amethyst geodes; serious bling that proves no jewellery designer can compete with Mother Nature.”

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September 2013

The Crystalworks Gallery has just been featured in New Home Living. To view the Chinese language advertorial as it appears in the magazine, please click on the following link. (Adobe Reader is required.)

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March 2012

Crystalworks: Family Formations
By Amanda Jun, Montecristo Magazine

“There are still many mysteries surrounding crystals. Divination, healing, and mystical uses aside, scientists are still trying to understand crystalline structures and their properties. Crystals are defined by their molecular arrangement, a pattern that repeats in all three dimensions. Their recognizable shapes—commonly flat faces and sharp angles—are an expression of this internal order.

There’s an extraordinary gem in Vancouver tucked just off Burrard Street on West 3rd Avenue. A world class mineral gallery, Crystalworks is a family-run business operated by mother Susan Lipsett and daughters Karen Lipsett-Kidd and Andrea Lipsett. They carry a diverse selection of rare crystals, minerals, and fossils from across the globe.”

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June 2010

Family Turns Hobby into a Rock-Solid Venture
Crystalworks Gallery is a family affair that sells fine crystals, fossils and mineral specimens ranging in price from $2 to $200,000
By Brian Morton, Vancouver Sun, June 2, 2010

“Karen Lipsett-Kidd and her mother Susan Lipsett know a little something about turning a longtime hobby into a small business that’s, well, rock solid. As owners of Vancouver’s Crystalworks Gallery at 1760 West Third, they sell fine crystals, mineral specimens and fossils from around the world as works of art. The company started up in 1985 after Karen, who as a child developed a love for collecting rocks, decided to turn her passion into a money-making venture.”


May 2010

Taking Care of Business with Mom
Love, money and careers are all at stake when relatives work together
By Paul Luke, The Province, May 9, 2010

“Karen Lipsett-Kidd is creative director and co-owner of Crystalworks Gallery, a Vancouver based business that supplies fine crystals, minerals, stones and fossils. In a reversal of the tradition in which parents induct children into a business, Lipsett-Kidd convinced her mother to join the enterprise she had started as a 15-year old.”


March 17, 2009

Crystalworks Moves to Larger Premises
By Ellsworth Dickson, Resource World, March, 2009

“While virtually all rocks and minerals are composed of crystals, most of us give them little thought as we drive by an open cut on the highway. However, sometimes Mother Nature outdoes herself and produces fabulously beautiful crystals that collectors seek out to acquire. 

Susan Lipsett, along with daughters Karen and Andrea, have been in business since 1984 when they sold mineral specimens out of their home. At that time, they were mostly minerals collected during rock hounding expeditions in their Volkswagen van, exploring Connecticut, the Thousand Islands region and other places in eastern North America.”

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February 22, 2009

An Interview with Karen & Susan



November 19, 2008

Earth’s Treasures Create Unique Home Style
by Jessica Werb, The Georgia Straight, November 19, 2008

“Turning a house or condo into a home requires a few must-have items: throw pillows, floor lamps, and some wall hangings, in addition to comfy furniture and rugs. To that list, Karen Lipsett-Kidd would like to add a few more: crystals, minerals, and fossils.

Lipsett-Kidd, co-owner with her mother, Susan, of Crystalworks Gallery (which recently moved from West 5th Avenue and Burrard to a new location at 1760 West 3rd Avenue), has been fascinated with geological specimens since her teenage years. But rather than a scientific approach, she has taken a more aesthetic philosophy toward the earth’s treasures.”

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October 15, 2008

Crystalworks Grand Opening Gala – Novus TV