Founded in 1984, Crystalworks has evolved from a small home-based business to the world-class mineral gallery it is today. The gallery is devoted to promoting fine crystals, minerals and fossils as works of art and presents the unique opportunity to purchase specimens of a size and quality rarely seen outside of museums.

Each and every object, from the smallest tumbled stone to the largest specimen, is hand-selected by the owners for its beauty and perfection. Crystalworks’ mandate is to sell only ethically mined minerals. We do not sell dyed, man-made or radiated crystals, or cave formations such as calcite stalactites or stalagmites. We have enjoyed close friendships with our miners and mineral dealers for over 25 years. This allows us access to rare and unique specimens that normally would disappear into private collections and never make it onto the open market.

We work closely with local and international jewellers, gem carvers and designers, providing them with select gemstones and crystals and co-designing pieces to create the jewellery, objet d’art and high-quality gem carvings that are unique to the Gallery. Crystalworks also supports cottage industries and fair trade companies in Bali, Peru, Madagascar, Indonesia and India.

With the new space, it was our goal to create a modern, tranquil, and healthy “green” environment in which to explore the beauty and creativity of our Earth. To this end, the gallery was outfitted with renewable resource bamboo millwork, innovative recycled material countertops, revolutionary LED lighting, low VOC paints, energy-smart appliances, and finishes and furniture in sustainable materials. The floor of the gallery is infused with chlorite to help clear and ground the intense energies within the store.

We are a closely-knit family (both related and chosen) that is inspired by the mineral kingdom. We are passionate about what we do and we love sharing it with others. Opening this new gallery space has allowed us the opportunity to showcase the enormous creativity and beauty that our planet has to offer.

The gallery was outfitted with renewable bamboo mill work, recycled material countertops, energy-efficient lighting, low VOC paints, energy-smart appliances, and finishes and furnishings crafted with sustainable materials.

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Meet The Team

Karen Lipsett-Kidd

An avid rock hound and eagle eye, Karen’s passion for crystals has rocked her entire family (literally). One of the primary business partners, Karen’s main role in Crystalworks is as artistic director and buyer.

Susan Lipsett

The matriarch of the family, and also a primary business partner. Her love of Nature and her family is the cornerstone of this business.

Andrea Lipsett

A crystal and mineral enthusiast, she specializes in rare inclusions in quartz and is a valued partner in the gallery. She makes sure the gallery runs smoothly and that every project started, gets completed.


A lover of all things sparkly, she was brought into the world of Crystalworks through a series of dreams and synchronicities. She loves exploring the metaphysical uses of stones and helping people connect with special crystals.


Jen started off as a client and soon became part of the Crystalworks family. Her authenticity, wisdom, beauty and grace has been a huge contribution to the gallery, our website, and our social media presence. In her own words, “it brings me joy to be entrusted with these precious creations and to honour the sacredness and mystery of the Earth’s ancient ones”.


Kiya  is a great lover of crystals and the natural world.  She brings a fresh and lively energy to the gallery. Born and raised on Haida Gwaii, Kiya has extensive knowledge and appreciation of indigenous people and culture.

Her youthful innovative approach to life in general and the gallery in particular makes her a delightful addition to our Crystalworks family.


Abbie is our professional greeting labradoodle. She is soft and woolly and has done everything she can think of to overcome her inherent shyness.

Charlie P-Bear

Charlie is our newest staff member. He is a Coton de Tulear puppy who is full of life. He keeps us entertained all day long with his puppy antics. Good at sitting, barking, and being adorable.


While Boo is no longer with us he is still here in spirit. For all the time with us, he never broke anything with his wagging tail and was loved by all. His intuitive and loving presence made him everyone’s favorite Crystalworks and family member.