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“In a single stone we can perceive the masterpiece of creation.”

Pliny The Elder 79 AD



Spring 2017 Newsletter

by Crystalworks April 25th, 2017


Greetings Crystalworks community.

Finally spring has come! The cherry blossoms have opened and lined the gallery street with the most exquisite pink rosettes. We are celebrating flower formations and all things pink, with a 25% off sale on all pink coloured stones until Mother’s Day (May 14th 2017).

Flower formations are the topic of the month.

Patterns and regularities of form are found in many places in the natural world. When crystals grow in a radiating form it is called a flower formation. This is a rare and beautiful occurrence but one of our favorites so we are always looking for crystalline flowers when we are out on buying trips.
Most quartz minerals can form in burrs and rosettes when the conditions are correct. Selenite forms gypsum flowers in the form of desert roses. Chrysanthemum stone exhibits white flowers (celestine) on a black background matrix. Calcite sometimes forms flowers when it grows into amazing starbursts and under black light transforms into pinks and dark orange red.

Crystalworks_newsletter_march_2017_04Flower formations are amongst the most aesthetic shapes in the crystal world; they are eternal blooms. One of our favourites in the gallery is the Amethyst geode named Lilac that has stalactites that resemble flowers. From tiny palm sized rose quartz flowerets to amethyst burrs large enough to make a statement in your home, we have colourful and exotic crystalline blooms that will suit any budget.

So come and celebrate the end of winter and the beginning of spring with us and enjoy the beauty that we are so very happy to share with all of you in the Crystalworks Gallery!


Founded in 1984, Crystalworks has evolved from a small home based business to the world class mineral gallery it is today. The gallery is devoted to promoting fine crystals, minerals and fossils as works of art and presents the unique opportunity to purchase specimens of a size and quality rarely seen outside of museums.

Each and every object, from the smallest tumbled stone to the largest specimen, is hand selected by the owners for its beauty and perfection. Crystalworks’ mandate is to sell only ethically mined minerals. We do not sell dyed or radiated crystals, or cave formations such as calcite stalactites or stalagmites. We have enjoyed close friendships with our miners and mineral dealers for over 32 years. This allows us access to rare and unique specimens which normally would disappear into private collections and never make it onto the open market.

We work closely with local and international jewellers, gem carvers and designers, providing them with select gemstones and crystals and co-designing pieces to create the jewellery, objet d’art and high quality gem carvings that are unique to the Gallery. Crystalworks also supports cottage industries and fair trade companies in Bali, Peru, Madagascar, Indonesia and India.

With the new space (at 1760 West 3rd) it was our goal to create a modern, tranquil and healthy “green” environment in which to explore the beauty and creativity of our Earth. To this end, the gallery was outfitted with renewable resource bamboo millwork, innovative recycled material countertops, revolutionary LED lighting, low VOC paints, energy smart appliances, and finishes and furniture in sustainable materials.

We are a closely knit family (both related and chosen) that is inspired by the mineral kingdom. We are passionate about what we do and we love sharing it with others. Opening this new gallery space has allowed us the opportunity to showcase the enormous creativity and beauty that our planet has to offer.