Star_ClusterCrystalworks’ stock is varied in both size and material. The aspect that unites all of the objects available for sale in the gallery is that everything is hand chosen by one of the partners. Every single piece is selected for its beauty, perfection and originality.

The pieces shown are all available for sale. However, in many cases, they are only a representation of what the gallery has to offer. If you would like more information, or other views of the pieces, please e-mail or call. We would be happy to oblige.


Polished Stones

As with all of our material, we select our polished items with the utmost care. We are very particular about the quality of the polish and the perfection of the stone. We specialize in rare materials that star such as star rose quartz and girasol quartz, unique inclusions such as pyrite, epidot, rutile, chloride and  enhydro quartz with ancient water. We carry select flame shapes and sculptural forms in petrified wood, labradorite, amethyst and many unique minerals that come to life in polished forms. Whether as spheres, flames, eggs, hearts, or bowls, polished minerals make wonderful gifts and object d’art.

Natural Stones

The term “Natural Material” refers to crystals and minerals that have not had anything done to them except to be cleansed. They are in the same condition as they were when they were created hundreds of millions of years ago.

Crystalworks is known around the globe for its collection of world class minerals. Having been in business for 25 years, owners Susan Lipsett and Karen Lipsett-Kidd developed and maintained excellent relations with miners in many countries. Our natural mineral collection is museum quality and would be right at home in the Smithsonian.


All of our jewellery is hand made either by local jewellers or Canadian designers. Most beaded necklaces and bracelets are made in-house and can be specially designed to suit the person or occasion. Our unique “totem” necklaces are made from beads and charms that can be specifically chosen by the client from the gallery collection.

Many of the silver rings, pendants and bracelets are commissioned using stones from the gallery . In all cases you can be assured that our crystals and stones are natural, never dyed, radiated or otherwise treated.


Fossils are becoming very popular as accessories in high end in home décor. Ads for Calvin Klein’s recent furniture collections feature petrified wood and ammonites. At Crystalworks we choose our fossils for their unusual beauty and sculptural qualities.  Petrified wood can be fashioned into a durable and decorative table or bench . A stack of fossil whale vertebra with its natural patina makes a stunning focal point on a mantle or coffee table. Fish fossils can be used in back splashes or as table tops. Each fossil is unique and ancient… a part of the earth’s history before recorded time.

Executive Gifts

Executive gifts from Crystalworks are always appreciated for their enduring beauty and rarity. Petrified wood book ends from ancient sequoia, a box fashioned from boulder opal or pristine mineral specimen make exceptional gifts of timeless beauty. As Crystals represent the highest manifestation of the mineral kingdom, a “desk  gem” from Crystalworks is a an inspirational  and enduring corporate gift.

Gem Carvings

Karen Lipsett-Kidd has been working with gem carvers for 25 years. At present she is collaborating with master carvers in Peru, Indonesia, Japan, Canada and the United States. Often the carving is visualized in the crystal, keeping as much of the original form as possible. Most of the material used in these gem carvings is found by Crystalworks specifically for a particular carving.

Spirit and Stone

In this section we have included amulets, artifacts, fetishes (small animal carvings), smudge fan, prayer wands and Antique Tibetan singing bowls. While some of these things are not entirely made of crystals and minerals, they are objects we offer because we feel they are representative of the Shamanic aspect of what this gallery strives to do: help people reconnect with the sanctity, beauty and creativity of our planet Earth.